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Money & Tech Interview 2014

Female Mechanics Kenya (by James 2011)

Conservation Work - Gabon 2008

Ugandan Remittances 2014

A study on Secret Ballots (Nov '14)

Live Show in France 2003


  • James D'Angelo
    Founder of Sno-Caps

    James D'Angelo is an ex-NASA scientist who has spent the last 20 years volunteering and working on the ideas and policies of conservation. He is also a sought-out public speaker on the marriage of economics and technology, and has spoken in the last few months at Harvard Business School, MIT, and international conferences (where he was picked as the 'must see' speaker at the Las Vegas conference). As a 2014 Judge's Choice Winner in the U.S. Carbon Price contest, Sno-Caps was not only a favorite among the contest's judges, but gained significant support from academics and Climate CoLab users.

    James first proposed his idea to Professor John Duff of the University of Massachusetts Boston in January of this year. Professor Duff suggested he submit it to Climate CoLab, leading James to delve deeper into his idea and turn it into a draft proposal for Professor David Keith’s course at the Kennedy School at Harvard University. in the 1990s developing electronics for the highly successful WIND spacecraft.

    Since then, he has worked as an environmentalist in over a dozen countries around the world, particularly Gabon and Kenya, and is fluent in five languages. Also, of note is his work on Congress, looking in particular at the 1970 Legislative Reorganization Act and the potential problems it has caused. In his spare time, he works on the possibility of improving remittances in his wife's home country Uganda.

Software Development

  • In the fall of 2015 we will begin building our software (mobile development, database, etc). Let us know if this is something that interests you.

    We will also be building our social network and outreach via forums, wiki, or blog